Our Catchment

The catchment of the Greta Valley Landcare Group covers an area of approximately 32,000 hectares south east of Wangaratta in North East Victoria. The group area is located approximately 2.5 hours’ drive from Melbourne and includes the townships of Glenrowan, Laceby, Greta, Greta West, Greta South, Myrrhee, Hansonville and Moyhu. Members are also drawn from Glenrowan West, Lurg, Oxley and Meadow Creek. The population of the group area is approximately 500 households, but our distribution area for local events and functions would include a population of up to 1000 people.

The topography in the catchment ranges from riverine plains around Greta, with an annual rainfall of 650 mm per annum, to sub-alpine in the upper reaches of Fifteen Mile Creek, with rainfall of over 1600 mm per annum. The group area incorporates the Boggy, Fifteen Mile and Factory Creek catchments. Land-use varies throughout the catchment and includes grazing of dairy cattle, beef cattle, prime lambs and fine wool production. There is also feedlot cattle production, horse studs, free-range pork, free-range eggs and deer and emu farming. Cropping includes hops, cereals and grapes. Farm forestry and commercial forestry plantations exist alongside remnant native forests.