Rejuvenating vintage revegetation sites in the Greta Valley

Funding Source: Victorian Landcare Grant via North East CMA

Timeline: November 2021 – November 2022

Funding received: $23 000 (exc. GST)

Project Description

This grant provides funding of our Group to undertake numerous activities over the next 12 months:

  • Workshop – Introduction to Bee Keeping (held 15th May 2022)
  • Monthly email newsletters
  • Development of site revegetation plans for 15 members for our winter planting program
  • Revegetation program targeting planting of 4000 native plants in our landscape over Winter 2022
  • Project management, book keeping and reporting.

Revegetation Program

We are pleased to announce we have received funding to help support our members to undertake general planting projects on their property in 2022. There is no funding available for fencing under this grant.

The objective of our program is to get all our members out planting more native plants in our landscape and to work on improving the quality of some of your older revegetation sites. We have funding to support the purchase of 4000 plants under this program for our members.

The conditions of the funding are:

Plants can be planted anywhere on your property into existing fenced or stock free areas, including gardens. Suggestions for suitable areas include top up planting into creeks and waterways that are already fenced, replacing losses in older shelterbelts, building new shelterbelts adjoining gardens or driveways, or planting into road reserves (with permission from CFA/RCOW). You can also choose to develop new sites such as shelterbelts or shade blocks, but you will be responsible for meeting all costs for fencing.

We have funding to help members develop a list of suitable species for revegetation for their property, or you can develop your own list and submit it to the group if you are confident in your plant selection.

Minimum plant order is 50 plants, maximum plant order is 200. If you require more than 200 plants, we will happily help you order them at cost price (approx. $2.00 each) to support your larger planting projects. Please order the total amount you require and we will do what we can to fund more than 200 plants if possible.

– We will also supply appropriate guards for your planting projects to match the number of plants you have ordered. Additional guards required by members can be supplied at wholesale price.

– Plants must be native and indigenous to the North East area. Download order from or email Sally on to have a copy emailed to you. Please consult the full list of species produced by Park Lane if you are after something specific.

– Our standard Landcare contribution of $0.50/plant applies.

– Plants will be made available for collection in May/June 2022.

– You will need to plant your tubestock over winter and all plants must be in the ground by 31st of August 2022 to ensure that they settle in before the following summer. You will need to send in photos of your completed planting and the surrounding fencing by 15th of September 2022.

For all enquiries, please contact Sally Day on 0437 136 162 or email

This project is supported by a Victorian Landcare Grant through the North East CMA.