Service Awards

Active Service Awards are presented by the North East Catchment Management Authority in the categories of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 years. Service awards are made to recognise volunteers who have provided a number of years of active service to a Landcare or related community group. The most recent presentation of awards was held in May 2017, coinciding with the 30 years of Landcare celebrations.

We are pleased to have a number of active members who have supported the running of the Greta Valley Landcare Group over a period of many years through their role on the committee. Thank you also to all those Committee members who have contributed to the running of the Group but have not been formally recognised through an award at this point in time.

20 years

Anthony Griffiths (2017)

David Evans (2017)

10 years

Carol Kunert (2011)

Lorraine Griffiths (2011)

Jim Airey (2008)

Ernie Handcock (2008)

David Griffiths (2004)

David Dinning (2004)

Graham Lillee (2004)

5 years

Adrian Younger (2017)

Trevor Dinning (2017)

David Briggs (2017)

Ashley Schreiber (2017)

Frank Griffiths (2011)

Meg Reeves (2004)