The Committee

The Greta Valley Landcare Group is led by an experienced and energetic Committee of twelve volunteers and independently employs a Project Officer and a Book Keeper to facilitate the implementation of environmental and social grants within the catchment area. The Committee play a vital role in steering the direction of the Group and help to get projects and events happening across our catchment.

The 2021 Committee comprises:

  • Stewart Day – Vice President
  • Bre Kent – Secretary
  • Anthony Griffiths – Treasurer
  • Trevor Dinning – Equipment Officer
  • Rho Fry – General Committee
  • Chris Ellem – General Committee
  • Vanessa Thompson – General Committee
  • Arthur Parker – General Committee
  • Kris Porker – General Committee
  • Rob Edgar – General Committee
  • Fiona McCallum – General Committee.

The group is also a member of the Ovens Landcare Network (OLN), which includes the 21 Landcare groups within the Ovens river catchment. Penny Raleigh our Local Landcare Facilitator for the Ovens Landcare Network, regularly attends our meetings and helps to support the activities of our group.

For more information about joining the Group or our activities please contact Stewart Day (President) on 0427 782 482, or Anthony Griffiths (Treasurer) on 0429 950 712 or 5727 6314.

To discuss a potential project on your property or information about any of our current projects, please contact Sally Day (Project Officer) on 0437 136 162 or